Welcome   to   Support'ed

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113 North Hill



Support'ed and Me

Choosing your path





We   will   support   you    to    plan   your    life





We   will   involve  those who are important in   your    life with your plan




We will focus on your gifts and skills





What is important to you





You and your families voice are important




We will   support   you to access your community




Your friends are important to you and to us




Making a plan




We will involve those who are important in your life





Help   you   make   a   plan




Your plan will be reviewed at least every year





You will be in control of your plan and it will be made accessible to you





Speaking up for yourself





We   will   support   you   to   be   legally   visible





You will be listened to




We   will   support   you   to   make   decisions





We   will   support   you   to   build   your   own   circle   of   support




Your Money






If   you   want   to   earn   your   own   money   we   will   try   and   help






We  will   support   you   to   budget   your   money   if   you   need   our   support






We will support you to save money for the things you need or are important to you




Your Community





Your community is important






It is important that you are part of your community





We will support you to find ways for you to access and be part of your community





Your Home




Where you live is your home



We will treat your home with respect





Your home is not our place of work







Getting it right for you





A representative from Support’ed will meet with you and those important to your life







To make sure you are being supported in the way you want





and is the best for you




Getting out and about




We will support you to catch the bus, you can use your bus pass,




if you don’t have a bus pass then you will need to buy your own bus ticket.




If you are using your support’s car you will be charged 35p per mile,




you will have a form to complete when starting the journey





and when you arrive back from your journey.




You will be expected to pay on the day, or arrangements with your appointee will be made.






Other information





Where possible we will write guidelines with you about how you wish to be supported.






You will have your own learning plan to help you grow and develop